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E-cigarette offers a new style of smoking free from the harmful ingredients as tobacco smoking which cause diseases.

Articles and Reports on Electronic Cigarettes and E-liquid

Brief Introduction of Electronic Cigarettes Mechanical MODs and RDA Atomizers

MOD Chiyou
MOD Chiyou

Mechanical MODs and RDAs (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers) are designed to advanced e-cigarette users who want to DIY their devices, for example, to select different Li-ion batteries of output voltage and capacity, to build their preferred coils of different resistance values etc.

Ecigarette MOD usually consists of a mechanical switch, few tubes connectible for different length of batteries and an adapter to be connected to RDA for power supply to the coil. The RDA atomizer can be divided into mouthpiece, atomization tank and a base with some electrodes to which the heating wires with wicks are tightened. E-liquid is dripped directly into wicks in RDAs and the drops of eliquid are limited because the atomization tank and base are not closed or sealed.

For further information about MODs and RDAs, you may search on YouTube and watch the videos to get better understanding of the products.

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Wuzland® Electronic Cigarettes Models Naming System

Battery and atomizers

To name our Wuzland® Electronic Cigarettes Li-ion batteries and atomizers, generally we use one letter to name each type of battery or different holders of batteries and two letters for the types of atomizers while the numbers between them indicate the value of battery capacity in mah.

So to name our ecigarette batteries, T= Ego T battery, E=Evod battery, A= Adjustable output voltage battery. Other letters are also used to identify the battery holders of different designs, especially for the mechanical MODs and e-Pipes in which the same types of universal batteries may be used, such as P for e-pipe and N for Nemesis MOD.

To name the atomizers, the first letter represents the type of atomizers, the second one for different atomizers of the same type, i.e. C=C type, CE series atomizers; M=M type, MH, MT and MS atomizers; RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers) or RBA (Rebuildable Atomizers) and other special designed atomizers which are usually fitted with MODs and e-Pipes, are named by any other two letters. For example, E650MT means this e-cigarette consists of 650mah Evod ecigarette battery and MT atomizers; P850IC means a e-Pipe with 850mah universal battery (18350) and IC (IClear) atomizers.

Recommended Programs for Ecigarettes Applied for Cessation of Tobacco Smoking

Nicotine may last 3 months in human body before it is cleaned out by body system. Tapering of nicotine strength in e-liquid used may decrease the addiction to nicotine. So one can start with higher strength, then goes to lower strength (Wuzland® Strength Standard). In the beginning tobacco cigarettes may be smoked for a short period with smaller quantities, but afterwards never try it again. Each Strength Standard eliquid may be used for relatively long period depending on how you feel before going to lower one. At last nicotine free e-liquid may be used for a couple of months before leaving away smoking the eliquid.

One should remember that insistence, determination and self-discipline is very important in the process of cessation of smoking even with the help of electronic cigarettes.

Physics Theory on How Electronic Ecigarette Works

Power formula

E-cigarettes work through heating the e-liquid into vapor when the current goes along the Nichrome wire twisted around the wicks and produces heat. How much the heat produced (Energy E) depends upon the value of Power (P). As we know, E=P x T(Time), while P=I(Current) x V(Voltage and I=V/R(Resistance), so E=T x V²/R. Therefore the higher the battery output voltage, or the lower the resistance of Nichrome wire, the more heat is produced and the larger volume of vapor as well.

Apparently there are two ways to increase the volume of smoke per puff, either to increase the battery output voltage such as our A650 battery or decrease the resistance R of the heating wire. There are other factors affecting the volume of smoke, the twisted circles around the wicks, which means the contact surface with eliquid. The circles usually are limited to 5 to 10 because the more circles twisted, the higher R is and less heat produced, which could cause incomplete atomization. So we can use the thinner Nichrome wire to decrease R while twisting more circles. However the wire becomes fragile to be broken if it is too thin and easily be burnt out when current is too high.

To understand this relationship of these factors, it's easy to DIY your unique ecigarettes especially MODs and RDAs to satisfied effects.

Instruction to Repair the Electronic Ecigarettes Li-ion Batteries

Battery Repair

When the battery positive node is not touching its counterpart of the USB charger or the coil in the atomizer, the charging of battery or smoking of ecigarette will be certainly failed. The circuit completion has to be checked before the fault is considered.

To fix the problem, simply use a hand tool for grinding to file and shorten the tube (opening) of battery. This may be done when the node was damaged or worn out, which causes the disconnection of battery to the charger or the coil of atomizer.

Certainly there is nothing to repair when the battery is dead. To identify the dead battery, please find it in FAQs.

Detail Instruction of Repairing the Leaking Atomizers of Electronic Ecigarettes

Leaking Factors

The leaking is one of most hassled problems which the ecigarette smokers may experience when tasting the eliquid directly. Usually the leaking may be caused by the following factors:

1. The overflow and blockage of e-liquid in the coil, this may be avoided by adjusting the strength and frequency of pulling or drawing of the e-cigarettes.

2. The eliquid flows into the mouthpiece and mouth because the vapor can be condensed into eliquid drops on the mouthpiece when being cooled, therefore the mouthpiece and center tube of the atomizer should be cleaned on a regular basis.

3. The silicon caps and rings works as sealers in the atomizers and need to be replaced when they are worn out or damaged.

4. Atomizer becomes faulty, such as cracks on eliquid chamber which causes leaking certainly. The damaged parts have to be replaced.

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