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Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQs - Electronic Cigarettes

How do you name your electronic cigarettes?

We name our Wuzland® electronic cigarettes by the types of ecigarette batteries and atomizers. The first letter represents the type of battery (T,E and A) or certain special vaporing devices (MODs and Pipes) while the numbers mean the capacity of the battery in Ohm, the last two letters represent the type of atomizers, such as C and M series, or certain special designed ones, RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers) and RBA (Rebuildable Atomizers) etc. For example, E650MT, E means EVOD type of ecigarette battery, 650 means the capacity (mah) of the battery, and MT for one of the M type of atomizer. Also P850IC, it's a hammer style pipe with 850mah battery and IC atomizer.
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Will Wuzland Ecigarette parts match my existing ecigarettes?

Generally our e-Cigarette batteries and atomizers are compatible to the ones in South African market. The coils sometimes only fit to the certain types of atomizers, this has to be confirmed before purchase.

What's the ratio of PG/VG in your e-liquid and how to choose? How to evaluate the eliquid?

The ratio of PG/VG is confidential in our Wuzland® e-liquid but the percentage of PG is higher. VG e-liquid produces luscious clouds of vapor.  VG e-liquid also imparts a sweeter taste to your liquid. PG e-liquid produces more of a “throat hit” than VG e-liquid does, which simulates the feel of smoking better. The more VG e-liquid you use, the less of a throat hit you’re going to get. If you aren’t getting enough throat hit to satisfy you, then try a PG/VG mix of 7/3.  If you want more pillowy clouds of smoke, then maybe a PG/VG mix of 3/7 is for you. Now we also have the e-liquid of PG/VG=3/7 and 5.5/4.5, as well as VG only available.

The good quality eliquid is clear and transparent no matter what color it is. Our manufacturer only uses high purified medical chemicals and natural botany extracts to make the eliquid. Kindly be advised that the industrial chemicals may be applied to make the eliquid, which decrease the cost. Be thinking again before you purchase the cheaper ones.

I taste some eliquid when I smoke, is it leaking or faulty?

Kindly be advised that you may experience the flavor changed, bubble noise, and taste of e-liquid flown into the mouthpiece while smoking, these problems are usually caused by the overflow or blockage of liquid in the coil, and the condensation of vapor into eliquid on the mouthpiece which is an inevitable physical reaction, it's not leaking and not the device fault. To settle the problems of overflow and blockage, simply shake the atomizer or whole device quickly for just once or twice while holding it with the mouthpiece outwards, then clean the mouthpiece and center tube with rolled soft tissue; for the condensed e-liquid, you have to clean the mouthpiece on a regular basis to avoid tasting the e-liquid.

How to identify the dead ecigarette battery?

When e-cigarette battery is dying, both its working time and charging time is getting very short. You may find the indicator in the adapter doesn't change into red or becomes blinking with red and green light while charging ecigs battery, its life is over.

What is Ohm of your atomizers?

Generally in ordinary e-cigarettes we use 2.0 or 2.4 ohm, the resistance value of heating wire in the coil of the atomizer. In RDA atomizers, the value can be adjusted to your own requirement by DIY the coils.

Troubleshooting - Ecigarettes

To taste the e-liquid directly from the mouthpiece

E-liquid / Eliquid is easy to be overflown and retarded on the coils in atomizers, when pulling, the eliquid could be drawn into the mouthpiece without being atomized completely. Try to shake the e-liquid out of atomizers then clean the center tube and adapter with rolled soft tissue.

On the other hand, because the atomization is a physical process which the eliquid is heating into vapor, the vapor can easily condense into eliquid on the tube and mouthpiece while cooling especially in winter, so you have to clean these places on regular basis. Certainly one should make sure the coil and adapter to be tighten enough to avoid the eliquid leaking through the silicon sealers.

Leaking caused by faulty atomizers

If one has done the above mentioned works, and the e-liquid is still tasted in a short time, please check whether the atomizer is faulty: Fill the atomizer with water before cleaning the tube and mouthpiece, then place the atomizer on the table in a level or even straighten it up with its mouthpiece on the table, after a while, should the water be found on the center tube and mouthpiece or even on the table, the leaking may be confirmed. Coils may be removed from the atomizers before the leaking test to find out whether the leaking is from the tank. To confirm which parts causing the leaking, we can make sure either silicon sealers (rings or caps), coils or atomizer tanks to be replaced.

example graphic

Firstly you have to check the power connection. Secondly you should confirm the AC-DC adapter and USB charger are working before throwing away the battery. Thirdly you have to find out whether ecigs battery positive node is touching its counterpart of the USB charger. If not, simply use a hand tool for grinding to file and shorten the tube (opening) of battery. This may be done when the node was damaged or worn out, causing the disconnection of battery to the charger or the coil of atomizer which also causes no power supply to the atomizer. To avoid this damage, we recommend not to over tighten the battery to the charger or the atomizer. The strength is applied just enough to connect to the charger and avoid leaking.


To make sure you have switched on the battery by pressing the switch button five times quickly and continuously till the light is blinking, then you can confirm the battery is fully charged before repairing the battery with the method mentioned above. This problem usually happens with M types of atomizers, we recommend you may test the battery with C types atomizers of which coils are elastic when connected in order to have the problem confirmed.