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E-cigarette offers a new style of smoking free from the harmful ingredients as tobacco smoking which cause diseases.

Comparison of e-Cigarettes and Cigarettes, e-Liquid and Tobacco


Table 1. Comparison of Electronic Cigarettes and Traditional Tobacco Cigarettes

DescriptionElectronic CigarettesTobacco Cigarettes
MechanismAtomization of eliquid Burning of tobacco
New substances producedNoneTar and many harmful components
Fire causedNoneEasily when handled carelessly
TidinessYesButts and ashes to be cleaned
SmellAccepted by most of non-smokersUnaccepted by most of non-smokers
Harm to health Unclear but no findings by now Many diseases caused
Secondary effect to othersNone but pregnant women prohibitedYes
Cost LowHigh

Table 2. Comparison of Electronic Cigarette Eliquid and Tobacco

Smoking procedureHeated into vaporBurned into smoke
Components inhaledPG, VG and harmless additives prescribedover 460 chemicals after burning
Nicotine freeAvailableNone
Effect to teethNoneYellowed, darkened and fragile
Effect to mouthNone Bad smell and inflammation
Effect to nose and throatNone Coughing and inflammation
Respiratory diseasesNoneYes
Cardiovascular diseasesNoneYes
CancersNoneYes, especially lung cancer
Smoking cessationTapering of nicotine contents till to 0mgNot easy to quit

PS: This comparison is to describe the advantages of ecigarettes. Their Disadvantages are written on Cautions.