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E-cigarette offers a new style of smoking free from the harmful ingredients as tobacco smoking which cause diseases.

E-Cigarettes Mechanical MODs and RDA Atomizers

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Mechanical MODs and RDAs (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers) are designed to advanced electronic cigarette users who want to DIY their atomization devices, for example, to select different batteries of output voltage,discharging current and capacity, to build their preferred coils of different resistance values etc.

MOD: Short for modification. This originally referred to modifying a flashlight or a battery to be used in vaporing, but is now commonly used to refer to any vaporing device that is not a cigarette alike.

E-cigarettes - Mechanical MODs



MOD usually consists of a mechanical switch with certain switch control device (lockable or magnetic, etc.), one or few tubes connectible for different length of batteries and an adapter to be connected to RDA for power supply to the coil.


The device is designed as a battery holder to supply DC power to the atomizer and complete the circuit.


MOD fitting

Select tubes of which length is similar to that of battery. Connect all the parts with the battery inside and its positive facing to the adapter. Press the switch and hold, then shake the device to find out whether the battery is still moving or connecting to confirm the completed circuit, then go to next step for adjusting.


In Nemesis MOD, for example, the screws in the switch and adapter can be screwed out for certain extend to make sure the battery is connected when the switch is pressed, while the battery is unmovable when shaking. However the disconnection to the electrode of RDA should be avoided when adjusting the screw in adapter.

Ecigarettes - RDA Atomizers


RDA atomizer

RDA atomizer can be divided into mouthpiece, atomization tank and a base with some electrodes to which the heating wires with wicks are tightened. E-liquid is dripped directly into wicks in RDAs and the drops of eliquid are limited because the atomization tank and base are not closed or sealed completely in this atomizer.


One end of heating wires with wicks are tightened to positive electrode (usually center one) and the other ends to negative ones. It is parallel connection.



Usually there is no screwing for the parts of RDA. Simply pull out or push back the mouthpiece or base from or into the atomization tank.

DIY the Coils
Coils DIY

To make the coils, twist the heating wire around a small screw driver into circles required, some twisted wire should be burnt directly by the flame before using, then tighten two ends into electrodes in the base. Put the wick going through the coil circles. Instrument to test the resistance of coil may be used for better result. Physic Theory on How E-cigarette Works may be referred for this DIY instruction. New users are recommended to learn more to avoid too high current or short circuit which may cause over heating and burnt-out.

How to Smoke - Mechanical MODs and RDA Atomizers

RDA air holes

After all the parts are assembled and the circuit is checked connectible, take a draw while pressing and holding the switch button. Be careful not to be choking because the space of mouthpiece is extending to atomization room, this may cause choking easily when pulling. To avoid choking, close the pharynx while drawing and keep the vapor in the mouth until the drawing is completed, then enjoy the smoke. As RDA atomizers are not closed, only 10 to 20 drops of e-liquid can be added depending on the absorptive capacity of the wicks. Switch control ring should be placed into the position to block the switch button while not smoking. There are holes in the atomizer tanks which can be adjusted for more incoming air to obtain more vapor.

Some tank closed atomizers such as IC and Protank also are able to connect with MODs. With the MOD 510 Connectors, small atomizers such as C and M series are connectible to MODs as well. Because of the characteristics of MODs and RDAs, we believe they will become more and more popular in the near future.

For further information about MODs and RDAs, you may search on YouTube and watch the videos to get better understanding of the products.