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E-cigarette offers a new style of smoking free from the harmful ingredients as tobacco smoking which cause diseases.

  • E-cigarettes Certificates
  • E-cigarettes Mechanism Graph
  • Chemistry of E-liquid
  • Battery Tpes
  • Atomizers Types
  • Special Vaporing Devices
Certificates QC Institues

All our ecigarettes were approved or certified by the international QC institutes such as CE, ROHS, FOA, FCC, or SGS for safety and standards.

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Mechanism Mechanism Graph

E-cigarettes heat e-liquid with nicotine into vapor, imitating the smoking procedure of inhaling, swallowing and blowing.

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e-Liquid E-liquid

E-liquid, Eliquid or e-juice mainly consists of the solvent (PG/VG) for atomization, essential oils, tobacco extracts, and edible additives.

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Batteries E-cigarettes batteries

There are 3 types of ecigs batteries T, E and A which are ego T, Evod and cTwist ones, also 18350, 18650 and 22650 universal ones for MODs.

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Atomizers E-cigarettes Atomizers

We have type C, type M, and RDA or RBA atomizers, most of them can be disassembled for parts replacement, upgrade and DIY to unique ones.

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MODs E-cigarettes MODs

Some special designed vaporing devices, MODs and ePipes fitted with normal batteries and RDAs are rebuildable especially for DIY purpose.

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e-Cigarettes Become More Popular Globally


Wikipedia: Electronic Cigarettes or e-cigarettes, electronic vaporing devices are battery-powered devices which simulate tobacco smoking use heating elements which vaporize liquid solution with or without nicotine.

We, AFRASIAN BUSINESS, are a South African direct importer and distributor, online retailer and wholesaler of the selective Electronic Cigarettes which deliver a new style of clean and less harmful smoking, and cause no secondary effect to non-smokers. E-cigarettes can be applied for smoking cessation program to improve success rate.

Our Wuzland® electronic cigarettes, e-liquid and accessories are all selective quality products and all sold with Guarantee and Warranty. Terms and Conditions applied.

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