South Africa

An Alternative   to Quit Smoking   A Trend   to Smoke e-Cigarettes   A Device   to Minimize Harm

Nowadays more and more smokers abandon tobacco smoking and turn into e-cigarettes for health consideration.

Headline News on Our Wuzland® Products and e-Cigarettes Industry

Up to 25% Discount to Bulk Buyers and Retailers

While we sell our products directly to the public at very competitive prices, especially for our high cost performance, now we are offering up to 25% discount to the bulk buyers and shop retailers who are interesting in reselling our products. Wholesales prices are negotiable depending upon the quantity of each item and total amount of the order. Place your order and we will quote for you, then you can decide whether to finalize the deal.

New Website Launched for Electronic Cigarettes -

Our new website, only for the e-cigarettes and e-liquid is loaded officially today into the server after the domain was registered long time ago. After one year sales of electronic cigarettes, we become more experienced in the industry and surely can provide better services to our clients with this website now. All our clients can find more information about our Wuzland® products and obtain the technical support in the website. We are grateful to our manufacturers and suppliers for their provision of information and the quality products.

Launch of Mechanic MODs and RDA/RBA Atomizers

The special vaporing devices become more popular these days and we bring in some mechanical MODs and RDA/RBA atomizers to enrich our selling list. These kinds of e-cigarettes are usually special to the advanced ecigarette users for their DIY purpose.

Wuzland Submitted for Registration of Trade Mark

Wuzland logo

Wuzland has been submitted to CIPC for registration of Trade Mark. Those who copied our images of products online will face legal actions in the near future.

20% OFF Sales for All Our Electronic Cigarettes

Although our prices are quite fair for our range of quality, we have to be competitive with those poor quality ones by cutting our prices 20% off. However our services and warranty will not be changed.

Wuzland Branded Electronic Cigarettes Arrived

Wuzland E-cigarettes

Our new imported EVOD e-cigarettes were printed with our logo of Wuzland. The batteries with the logo printed on will be sold with 45 days warranty. Our ecigarettes products usually last over 6 months at least. We may prolong the warranty periods for our products in the future.

Wuzland E-liquid Launched in the South Africa Market

Wuzland® e-liquid

Our Wuzland e-liquid is produced by selective quality manufacturer of which products are verified by international inspection institutes of RoSH, CE and FCC etc. The quality of our eliquid ranks in upper grade in the market and some of the flavors are the best ones provided in South Africa..

Our Own Brand Wuzland for e-Cigarettes and eLiquid Launched

Wuzland logo

In order to be recognized from many products in the market, we have branded our products as Wuzland for quality and warranty purpose. Certainly this will also help to improve our services and quality of ecigarettes and eliquid.

New Product of Electronic Pipe P850AT Brought in South Africa

Electronic pipes

The impressive electronic pipes are in our selling list and we are the first to bring in this product into South Africa. It's characterized by the automatic switch system and the stunning outlook.

Electronic Cigarettes Become the New Products in Our Businesses.


The stocks of electronic cigarettes and e-liquid were imported and we start to market in South Africa, we believe the business would grow fast in the near future.