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Certificates, Cautions, Warranty, Terms and Conditions

Certificates and Approvals

The following documents are provided by the manufacturers of our products:

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Cautions on Ecigs and e-liquid

Side Effect


The side effects of smoking ecigs are unclear now, there are disputes on this issue, but it is confirmed by the scientists that electronic cigarettes cause much less harm to the body than the tobacco cigarettes. Ecigarettes is better to be the alternate of tobacco for smokers while not to be recommended for non-smokers.


Few people may be allergic to E-liquid, especially its components of PG or VG, any new users who have allergic bodies must consult their physicians before using the ecigarettes and eliquid. Any uncomfortable symptoms take place after smoking ecigarettes, doctors must be seen immediately.


E-liquid contents specific amount of nicotine which is additive, the underages and pregnant women are prohibited from the products. Nicotine free e-liquid is available.

Lithium Batteries and Others

E-cigarette Batteries must be switched off while kept in pockets, bags or parcels in transport. E-liquid must be kept away from the reach of children and pets. If contaminated by eliquid, the eyes should be washed and cleaned by running water. Do not swallow the eliquid directly.

Guarantee and Warranty


We offer 7 days of guarantee on some of our relatively expensive products specified, but only for the reasons of faulty devices. Refund will be paid only after the devices are received and the postage is on buyer's account to return.


All our Wuzland® E-cigarettes products are sold with a period of warranty from 30 days to 6 months on different products. The buyer pays the postage to send the faulty parts back while it's our cost to post the repaired or new parts to the buyer.

Return and Refund

Refund is accepted if the goods which are in the condition of factory default and never used are returned within 7 days after purchase. For security reasons, NO return of e-liquid is accepted.

Terms and Conditions

Guarantee and Warranty

This does NOT cover the damage and fault of devices caused by wrong operation, misuse and malicious damage of the products.

Harm and Damage

We DO NOT have the responsibility of any damage and harm caused by our products sold. The buyers should find out whether our products are eligible for them before purchase.


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