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An Alternative   to Quit Smoking   A Trend   to Smoke e-Cigarettes   A Device   to Minimize Harm

Nowadays more and more smokers abandon tobacco smoking and turn into e-cigarettes for health consideration.

  • e-cigarettes construction
  • e-cigarettes mechanism
  • E-liquid ingredients
  • How to smoke ecigs
  • Advantage of e-cigarettes
  • Cautions

Start to Know e-Cigarettes and e-Liquid or e-Juice


E-cigarette consists of a lithium battery, adapter/base and an atomizer. In the new generation electronic cigarettes, more parts can be disassembled for the replacement purpose, especially those in the atomizers.

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How to Work

Atomization is a physical procedure without producing any new chemicals. E-liquid flows through the wicks into the coils made of the heating resistance wire which heats the eliquid into vapor as smoke.

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There is no chemical reactions in e-liquid during atomization. Main ingredients of eliquid are propylene glycol, glycerol, botanic extractive, tobacco extractive, edible fragrance and nicotine or no nicotine.

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How to Smoke

Press and hold the switch button while pulling gently for 2 or 3 seconds before release. Frequency of draws should be limited to avoid the overheat or shortage of the e-liquid in coil inflowing through the wicks.

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Electronic cigarettes are confirmed to be least harmful than tobacco cigarettes. E-liquid does not contain over 460 harmful chemicals produced by burning tobacco which cause many diseases.

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Nicotine is additive. E-cigarettes are not recommended for the non-smokers. Few people may be allergic to eliquid. Smokers who have allergic bodies must consult their physicians before using ecigarettes.

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We only supply Quality Products

Quality Approvals

We, Afrasian Business as a direct importer, strictly select our manufacturers whose products are approved by internationally recognized quality control institutes as CE, RoSH and FCC on quality standard and safety. The quality of Wuzland® E-cigarettes and Eliquid is guaranteed.

Our e-cigarettes and accessories are sold with 7 days replacement guarantee and 30 to 180 days repairs or parts exchange warranty. Upgrades are also available at discount. Terms and Conditions applied.

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